Can staging your home improve your chances of selling?

Written by Julian Ferrier

Staging your home for viewers is an important element of the selling process. So why is it that each year so many people fail to follow the advice of so many real estate agents?

benefits of staging a home

Selling your house wasn’t as easy as you anticipated it to be, right? Well that’s ok, because believe it or not most homeowners aren’t as clued up about the housing market as they’d like to think they are.

In fact, when it comes down to it, the average person wouldn’t be able to tell you the intricacies of real estate. Not us though, we’re pretty spot on about these things (honest).

Tips for preparing your house to sell

In case you didn’t notice, looks are a BIG deal – people are all about presentation.

It’s not enough to have a nice personality these days, which is why so many people spend their time working on their appearance – it’s all smoke and mirrors.

The same can be said for staging your home. So with that in mind, here’s six simple tips to help make you the wolf of your street…  

  • Add a fresh lick of paint – Like Dulux (not to be confused with Durex) we know the colours that go, so think twice next time you want to mix muted reds with clean limes, yeah?
  • Declutter! – Ok, we get it. You like collecting Heat magazine, but do you really need a pile of them on the coffee table? NO.
  • Keep on top of repairs – It goes without saying that you should keep your house in ship shape at all times, but you’d be amazed by the amount of people who fail to maintain their property.  
  • What’s that smell? – Remember you’re trying to please all the senses here, not just one. So adding a welcoming fragrance to proceedings (summer breeze, anyone?) can make all the difference.
  • Let in some natural light – Unless your house doubles as a hipster cafe at the weekend, there’s no need for you to live in darkness. Open the curtains, remove any obtrusive furniture and rejoice in the sunshine!

If you’ve decided you want to up sticks and are considering moving house, then hopefully these little tidbits will give you all the help you need for staging your home. Just remember that you’re trying to add value to your house and all will be well…

tips for selling your house

Pearson Ferrier know the answer!

That’s where we come in!

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