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We work closely alongside our colleagues at Legal Brokers Ltd, and have created our own panel of solicitors who can offer very competitive conveyancing rates.

Conveyancing is the process of transferring the legal title of a property from one person to another. Usually taken care of by a solicitor, there are several key steps involved in the conveyancing process to make the change official.

After establishing whether you’ll be entering into the purchase as joint tenants (in which case you’ll each own a 50% share of the property) or tenants in common (in which case you’ll each own a specified share of the property), it’s time to get the ball rolling!

Throughout the process, there’s usually a bit of back and forth between the solicitors acting on behalf of the buyer and the seller, and they’ll be working hard on:

  • Conducting searches (for Local Authority, title registers, risks and hazards, etc.)
  • Compiling a questionnaire (only applicable if the property you’re purchasing is a leasehold)
  • Completing surveys (conducted by your lender if you’re taking out a mortgage, although there is always the option for you to arrange your own surveys)

Your solicitors will compile all the necessary information and incorporate it into a draft contract for the sale. Once everyone is happy and all of your questions have been answered, you’ll sign the contract and send your first payment (usually 10% of the purchase price).

Before contracts are exchanged, you’ll still have a couple of things to sort, such as taking out buildings insurance, and agreeing a completion date with the seller. Once everything has been ironed out, the solicitors will exchange contracts, and you’ll move into the completion stage of the purchase!

Law firms that offer conveyancing services tend to lay out their quotes in a variety of different formats, making it difficult to compare the cost of one solicitor with another. With our panel, all the quotes are laid out in the same way, making it quicker and easier to compare various legal fees, and ultimately saving you time and money.

You might choose a conveyancer based on their reputation, location, or price, but we’ve gone a step further. All of the solicitors on our approved panel guarantee:

  • Fixed fees
  • No-sale, no-fee arrangements
  • A fully itemised list of disbursements