Oh no! I can’t sell my house… am I destined to stay put forever?


First of all relax, it’s not the end of the world and even if it was you wouldn’t have to worry about selling now would you!

Even if you’re going through a rough patch (and to be honest if you’re Googling the best time of year to sell you probably are) there’s still plenty of time to get you a fair and honest price for your home.

Follow our top tips to sell your home below…

Top Tips to Sell Your House

If you have exhausted all your options and are still coming up short, then hopefully these selling tips will give you a better idea.

Keep The Price Competitive
An easy mistake is to price yourself out of a potential sale, so be wary of the market and adjust your boundaries.


Be Flexible With Viewings
If the buyer can’t view your home on your schedule, then you need to CHANGE it. Find a solution that works and agree on a time and day (weekends and days usually the best)

Remember to be Hospitable
This may sound obvious, but you should always look to be warm and inviting. We all have our off days, but you shouldn’t let this put a dent in your dealings.

Give it a tidy!
Nobody likes a cluttered environment, especially if it’s their potential new home, so remember to keep everything in pristine condition.

Don’t Neglect Your Garden
Moving home is never easy, but just because your mind is elsewhere doesn’t mean you should overlook your current situation. A clean and tidy garden will be the first thing a potential new buyer sees – so keep it looking fresh rather than looking like a jungle!


Is There an Ideal Season for Selling Your Home?

Believe it or not, homeowners aren’t sitting by their windows with a sullen Jon Snow-like expression on their faces, bemoaning the fact that “winter is coming”. There isn’t a magic month for which to sell, although it can sway some buyers.

Winter is Coming

Selling your home is fairly dependent on your situation, but with that being said there are some useful tips for putting your house on the market regardless of the date.

When selling your house, conventional wisdom would say the prime season would be Spring and Summer. With warmer weather, more daylight and the urge to buy before the next school calendar begins (depending on your situation), it can equate to a very busy, but often beneficial, period.

Like Spring, the summertime can typically be one of the busiest periods of the year for selling. With so many people looking to offload their property it’s not always the best time to sell, but despite that you will find that buyers are more optimistic about the condition of your home given the climate.

With no major holidays to contend with and fairly safe weather, Autumn could be a fairly safe period to sell. As mentioned previously however, school calendars could affect movement in the market and may discourage buyers.

Traditionally, sellers are discouraged from putting their house on the market in the run up to Christmas, but with less competition you could find your chances of a sale more encouraging.


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