Whilst we will do all we can to help and assist you when selling your home, there are still plenty of things that you as a seller can do to maximise your homes selling potential.

We’ve put together a short list of things that you can do to add to your properties value and help shift it quicker. It goes without saying but a good, thorough clean and hoover is required before any viewing!

Top Tips for Selling Your House

1. Try and keep all rooms clean and tidy.
2. In the living room puff up your pillows, if the TV’s on try and keep the sound down.
3. Try and make sure any mirrors or polished surface are clean and streak free.
4. The words de-clutter get used a lot, by all means have up your cherished family photos and memento’s but try and keep them to a minimum.
5. Hoovering carpets before a viewing is always a good idea.
6. The house needs to be as light as possible, turn lights and lamps on if a room is dark, or the weather is gloomy outside.
7. If you’re stashing things away to make rooms as big as possible, make sure the items don’t come flying out of cupboards if your viewers are curious to see how big they are.
8. Smells are important, a house can be more welcoming with fresh coffee or baking smells, over powering odours from pets can put many people off.
9. Most important, first impressions count, on a quick drive past how good do you look? Garden and driveway tidy, front door freshly painted? Windows clean?

These may seem obvious, but they are often overlooked and the devil is in the detail, take the time to make the effort and hopefully your hard work and efforts will be paid off.