Harriet Spence: First Week Survivor

Written by Julian Ferrier

Harriet Spence

Harriet Spence has just finished her first week working for Pearson Ferrier Bolton as an estate agent. She is a graduate with a lot of energy and determination and most importantly, she is passionate about estate agency and learning everything she can to succeed in her role. 

Congratulations on your first week at Pearson Ferrier Bolton! Are you enjoying yourself so far?

Yes, I’m really enjoying myself. I like the variety – every day is different and even though it can be challenging it is something I’m picking up fairly easily. I get on well with everyone I work with and we all support each other.

What have been the highlights?

I like that I’m learning something new every day – there’s always a new challenge.

Great! What have you learned?

Oh, all sorts! I’ve learned sales progression, all the terminology – which is like a whole new language. I’ve been thrown in at the deep end, like sink or swim, but I like that a lot.

That sounds good!

Yes, it’s a quick way to learn everything in a short space of time. I’ve done house viewings and now I know all about building regulations. Jack [from the franchise team] took me out and showed me all sorts of different buildings and details like roof patterns that I wouldn’t have noticed before.

So what did you do before coming to Pearson Ferrier Bolton?

I graduated in July in Business and Events Management with a 2:1 from Manchester University. Since then I’ve been in sales, event management and VIP hospitality at Manchester United so a real mixture.

Wow that’s quite a variety! What was it that drew you to Pearson Ferrier, then?

My friend was walking past and saw the advert in the window. She texted me straight away with all the reasons she thought I’d make a great estate agent and persuaded me to apply. I put my CV in and got a call back for an interview then, after speaking to Sanjay [branch manager], I was hired on the spot!

I guess your friend was right then! So you must be a local?

Yes but without the accent. People often ask where I’m from but I’ve lived in Bolton all my life.

At Pearson Ferrier we’re always looking out for the best and brightest young talent in the industry. Getting on the property ladder can be tough, but with Harriet working tirelessly on getting the next lead, you can relax.

 We can find a property for everyone!


To speak to Harriet about buying, letting or selling a property in Bolton, give her a call on 01204 394 886

Or send her an email at bolton@pearsonferrier.co.uk

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