I want to put an offer on a house. What do I do?

Written by Julian Ferrier


Riaz Shah


Putting an offer on a house can be stressful, but Riaz Shah is an experienced estate agent who can guide you through the process. 

Choosing a property is a daunting task but when you finally find the right place for you we want to make the next steps as easy as possible.  Riaz is the branch manager for Pearson Ferrier Ashton and understands the process of making an offer on a house from all perspectives – the client’s, the vendor’s and the estate agent’s. He outlines the process, from making the initial decision to put an offer in to confirming the offer and having it accepted.

Making an offer

Riaz: We always give our clients time to think about whether they want to put an offer on a house. Usually they take a day or two thinking time before they call us to put in their offer. We never take offers on the doorstep because we find that people who make spontaneous decisions like that often back out. Even after two days thinking time, we always give clients a further twelve hours to confirm their definite decision. We want everyone to be happy and confident about what they are doing before we continue.

Accepting the offer

Riaz: Once a firm offer has been made we will contact the vendor. If the vendor is unhappy with an offer, we will give clients the opportunity to make a further offer if it is within their budget and they are willing to do so. Our aim is simply to find a number that is fair to everyone. We will never manipulate the price. Ultimately, the decision to sell, and the price to sell a property at, is the vendors decision.

When the offer is accepted

Riaz: When the vendor is happy to accept an offer, we move on to making further arrangements. We require ID, the deposit, their mortgage in principle and their solicitor’s details. We make sure that everyone is happy – the vendor, the purchaser and ourselves – and we carry on from there!

At Pearson Ferrier we want to give everyone a fair deal and we always give our clients plenty of time to fully consider all their options. We make the process from ‘for sale’ to ‘sold’ as easy and simple as possible and are always available to discuss any queries neutrally.  If you are thinking of putting an offer on a house we are here to help.


If you are interested in selling your property or for more advice, visit pearsonferrier.co.uk, where you can find a branch in your local area.

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