Airbnb users think we should live in a treehouse. Do you agree?

Written by Julian Ferrier

Airbnb revealed a list of their 10 most wanted properties. Number 7 will SHOCK you in ways you’d never thought possible… but it probably won’t though to be honest.

cool treehouse

It’s literally just a list of cool houses.

But cool houses are a commodity that Pearson Ferrier specialise in though, so it’s only natural we gave this list a proper once over for ourselves to see what all the fuss is about…  

Dibs on the cave!

10 properties on Airbnb’s wish list

According to its list of top 10 wish listed property types, half of us would be more than happy to sack off the real world and go live in a treehouse somewhere.

I mean that’s the ultimate dream right there. Living in the wilderness like the legends of old, exploring the terrain and befriending a bear like Winnie the Pooh to share in his many honey-fuelled adventures (unlike that mean one Leonardo DiCaprio met in The Reventant).


Here’s the list in full in case you wanted to see:

1. A Treehouse


2. An Igloo

3. A Van


4. A Lighthouse

5. A Cave

6. An Island

7. A Yurt

#6 - Mushroom Dome - 8357.jpg

8. A Train

9. A Loft

#9 - Brand New Mini Loft-803710.jpg

10. A Cabin

These results are based on the frequency of active listings of host-identified property-types to appear on Wish Lists, as well as the hearts and minds of millions of children the world over… (just kidding about that last part.)

Nonetheless, it’s a pretty interesting list and adds fuel to the fire that people are looking for more creativity with their housing choices.

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Find something permanent with Pearson Ferrier

tips for selling your house

Living in a treehouse looks pretty great, right? It’s like you’re living out all your childhood fantasies at once!

Even so, you can’t help but get the feeling that the buzz will wear off after a while. I mean, where would you even park your car?

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