The Fund Raising is still ongoing… your local #BuryHospice needs you!

Written by Julian Ferrier

I set out this year to become a triathlete and after putting myself through some pain and suffering, throughout a reasonably tough training programme I have managed to do it and this weekend completed my 3rd Triathlon of the year the Salford Triathlon.

The goal to complete a triathlon was my target, but the objective was also to raise money along the way, partly for a baby pod for a scanner at Manchester Childrens Hospital, but also for Bury Hospice.

My first fund raising effort for the Hospice was back in 1994 when I took part in the London Marathon and raised from memory around £800.

You may not be aware, but Bury Hospice has been in the headlines recently as a result of the lack of funds to operate the newly built facility. Having been to a pre-launch tour, I can tell you the building and the staff who work there are first class, and the improved care they can offer in this significantly improved building is superb.

To everyone who has donated to my efforts so far a huge thank you.

When you look at the numbers required to run the Hospice, you might think what good would donating a £1, a fiver or a tenner do, but for all the others like me who try to raise a little each year it all adds up.

I started off with the goal to finish one triathlon, that ambition grew and with 3 down and one more to go, ‘The Brownlee Brothers Triathlon’ over in Leeds in September, my fund raising has fallen a little short of my target.

Please visit the Just Giving page and look at the charities I am trying to raise money for and donate if you can, it doesn’t matter how small, your help will make a difference.

Thank you,

Julian Ferrier

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