How to sell your home in time for Christmas!

Written by Mitchell

The leaves are falling, the weather’s turning, and the nights are drawing in. It definitely feels like autumn is well and truly here, and whilst we might be ready to enter hibernation mode, the property market is showing no signs of slowing down! 

With the demand for property remaining consistently high since the resurgence of the market following lockdown, it’s definitely a great time to be selling your home. With Christmas just around the corner, we know many homeowners will be settling in for the winter season and postponing their move until the New Year, but if you are looking to sell up before the festive season officially starts, it is possible. 

Here some of our top tips for speeding up your sale… 

Get your property listed ASAP 

With the market being what it is at the moment, it’s a great time for those looking to sell up. The current high demand in the market means that you’re not only more likely to find a buyer more quickly, but you’re also more likely to achieve a really good price for your home. 

But the demand in the market does have a downside. Whereas it might usually take around 8-10 weeks to move from offer to exchange, it’s now taking slightly longer, so the sooner you can get your property listed, the higher your chances of making your big move before Christmas will be! 

Ready to put your property on the market? At Pearson Ferrier, we have decades of experience in the property market and have successfully sold hundreds of properties across the North West. 

Make sure it’s market-ready 

As a seller, your chief responsibility in this process will be to ensure your property leaves potential buyers with a brilliant first impression, and there are a number of ways you can go about this… 

  • Check it out from a distance

It’s a good idea to take a step back and try to look objectively at your property. Does it have kerbside appeal? Even small efforts like tidying your front path, securing fence posts, and cleaning the flags outside of your home can make a big difference in improving those all important first impressions. 

  • Declutter 

When preparing to conduct viewings on your property, it’s a good idea to begin the decluttering process. Not only will it save you time (and stress!) during the moving process, but it may also help to increase your property’s appeal. 

  • Be critical 

Now is the time to go around with a critical eye and point out all of the aspects of your home that could be improved. Are there any rooms that could benefit from a fresh coat of paint? Are there any loose floorboards that need to be secured, or doors that don’t close properly? These are all things that will jump out to a potential buyer when they’re viewing your home, so be sure to address them prior to accepting any viewing appointments to be in with the best chance of securing a buyer quickly. 

Prepare your paperwork 

When it comes to moving home, there’s no such thing as being too prepared! If you’re looking to complete your sale as quickly as possible, it’s advisable to have all of your paperwork ready for the solicitors ahead of time. If you’ve had any work completed on your home, be sure to dig out the relevant documents, as they will be needed at some point. Your solicitor will also need to see your ID, so make sure everything is up to date ready to hand over when required. 

Don’t leave anything to the last minute! 

With a surge in the property market comes a surge in house moves, which means companies that provide removal services, as well as electricians, gas engineers, decorators, landscapers, and other tradesmen are all equally busy. With this in mind, we recommend making the necessary calls as early as you can to avoid stress and complications later down the line! 

Ready to sell your home? 

At Pearson Ferrier, we’re committed to delivering an exceptional level of service, and we continue to take a great deal of pride in our proven track record and friendly, professional approach. Get in touch with our team today to take the first step in selling your home! 


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