Problem Solved: Red Wine Stain

Written by Julian Ferrier


Red Wine Stain

Every celebration comes with the friend who always spills their drink. They know who they are. You know who they are. But you still invited them because you’re a good friend. Here’s how to remove that red wine stain.

The Salt Solution

Selling your house should not mean the end of socialising but you should be prepared to clean up those inevitable little spillages  when the wine is flowing.

Here are some simple instructions to guide you back to cream carpet heaven using nothing but salt, a tea towel and a drop or two of water.

Grab a tea towel and get blotting!

As soon as the spill happens blot as much wine up as possible using a tea towel. Never rub side to side, press firmly down onto the spillage instead to prevent the stain spreading further.

But the stain is already dry!

Don’t panic. Your friend did a good job of concealing their crime until now but the stain should still come out. Wet the carpet with a drop water and then blot as before.

Add salt

While the carpet is still damp, pour a generous pile of salt granules over the stain. The idea is that the salt will soak up the liquid bringing the remainder of the wine with it. Leave the salt soaking until it turns pink with the wine and the stain seems dry.


Scoop up as much of the pink salt as you can then hoover the carpet to get rid of any remaining granules. You might need to dampen the carpet and hoover again to ensure all the crystals are gone and your carpet is back to its usual fluffy texture.

Now sit back and relax – the stain has gone!


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