Preparing Your House for Viewings

Written by Julian Ferrier

Five top tips for Preparing Your House for Viewings.


1. Do a little gardening
We’re all guilty of judging books by their covers and the same goes for houses. First impressions are vital to impress potential buyers so you should spend a little time tidying your outside space before they arrive. Trim bushes and add a few flowers to brighten things up. You might want to repaint your front door and wash your windows too. If you have a path, make sure it is clean, swept and easy to access.

Preparing your house for viewings


2. Hide the clutter
Give potential buyers the opportunity to imagine living in the property by removing as much of your stuff as possible without leaving the rooms bare. This means tidying away day-to-day clutter, putting toys back in their basket and folding away laundry.

Selling Your Home


3. Call on the housework fairy
Never underestimate the difference a dash round with the hoover and a quick polish can make. Now that the clutter is gone, give all the surfaces in your house a once over to make them shine. In high impact rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, it is even more important that all surfaces and the floor are sparkling. Remember: a clean home is an appealing home.


4. Fix it
You know that cracked tile you meant to replace? Or the dripping tap in the downstairs loo? Maybe the scuffed carpet in the hallway? Well now is the time to fix it. It’s these little details that draw attention away from your otherwise well-presented home and make potential buyers wonder what other problems there could be.

Living Room


5. Neutralise
Magnolia might be a boring colour but it does have some distinct advantages. Neutral colours, particularly white, often make spaces feel bigger and brighter, not to mention airier. It is also a good way to reassure potential buyers that they can easily put their own stamp on the property. Though you might not like living in neutral tones, keep in mind that it will only be for a few weeks, and then you can easily transform the magnolia property you inevitably move into with your own extravagant taste.

So there it is, five simple things but effective things you can do to appeal to potential buyers and sell your house faster!

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