Central Manchester is Opening Soon!

Written by Julian Ferrier

Zac Nabi

I’m really excited about opening Pearson Ferrier Central Manchester. It’s been a dream of mine for many years.

Zac Nabi is the proud owner of two current Pearson Ferrier branches, Cheetham Hill and Didsbury. Never one to rest, Zac is continuing to add to his portfolio and now has his sights set on opening a branch in Central Manchester on April 21st .

Zac talks about his dream of opening a city centre office and thanks his team for all their hard work and efforts to make this dream come true…

So Central Manchester is opening next week. You must be really excited!

Yeah I am. I’ve been looking forward to opening this branch for a long time. It’s taking a lot of hard work and I’m really busy but now that the launch is on the horizon, I can see clearly what I’m working towards and that’s a great feeling.

You already own successful franchises in Cheetham Hill and in Didsbury. How is this franchise different?

I think that Central Manchester is a great way to put Pearson Ferrier on the map in a big way. Central Manchester really is a key location in the North West so it will be great for the brand to get so much exposure. The property market in the city is quite different to the outskirts but it’s something I’ve wanted to get into for a long time. I think there will be lots of opportunities for bigger deals and to generate a lot of business.

Obviously, lots of people will be drawn to the city centre for the shopping and the vibrant nightlife, not to mention all the job opportunities and our own friendly Mancunian style. But what is it that has drawn you to the location as an estate agent?

The city centre location we got for our office is great and ideally placed for us to conduct our business. I think that being an estate agent in a large city like Manchester will give us a chance to be really taken seriously on the property market. We already have a great brand and my offices in Cheetham Hill and Didsbury are doing really well, but, as I said, the Central Manchester office will put us on the map in a big way. I’m hoping to gain lots of connections and there will be better prospects for larger contracts working with bigger businesses.

The whole franchise team have been involved in setting up the office and arranging the launch party next week but is there anyone in particular you would like to thank?

Absolutely, the franchise team have all done a fantastic job and have been great throughout the whole process. Attiha has been great at keeping us grounded and making arrangements for the office. Susan has also been incredibly helpful and has been really determined to get things going. It has been a dream of mine to open in Central Manchester for a long time so it’s amazing to have the backing of Mitchell Pearson and Julian Ferrier for this business. Finally, I’d like to thank all my staff in all three locations for their patience and understanding. They have been fantastic and I couldn’t have done this without them!

Zac can’t wait to open the doors of his new Central Manchester branch and welcome everyone in. If you would like to attend the launch party and find out what the team in Central Manchester can do for you then visit our facebook event for more details.


To get in touch with the Central Manchester office you can give them a call on 0161 834 1444 or drop in at their brand new office 156 Chapel Street, Manchester, M33 6BF


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