sell your home using Instagram

Struggling to sell your home? Maybe you’re just not that great at taking photos. No seriously, people pay thousands for professional jobs all the time, but not everyone can afford the privilege.

Well, what if I told you there is a cheaper (and simpler) way of doing this thanks to Instagram? Think about it.

People use it all the time to promote their lives and take selfies, so why not go one further and actually use it for good!

Sell your home using Instagram

Instagram took the world by storm when it first introduced its photo sharing platform back in 2010, with people soon using it to promote and sell their stuff.

Although it isn’t set up for selling purposes, the power of social media has made it possible to achieve higher levels of engagement with a wider audience. Around 93% of all property searches now begin online, so it’s not difficult to see the benefits Instagram introduces.

Promote it to a global audience

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of using Instagram to sell your home would be the ability to promote it on a large scale. Social media and the internet have changed the game forever, with users being able to interact with a number of people at any given time.

Targeted hashtags

Hashtags are your friend – so use them wisely! Depending on your choice, a user can find your image for a number of relevant topics, ranging from #homedecor to #checkoutmyamazinghome… If you’re really clever about it, you can also jump onto viral trends!

Make it go viral

Speaking of viral trends, you can use the power of the internet to promote yourself. If you’re lucky you can #breaktheinternet and have it shared throughout the world. Trust us when we say that even the most bizarre things have gone viral, so why not give it a go yourself?

Filters are your friend

If you want to tap into your inner artistic self then consider using Instagram’s photo filters to jazz up the look of your home. They can make dull, dreary rooms look exciting, but try not to overdo it as it could potentially have a negative impact on the property.

using instagram filters to sell your hosue

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Staging your home

One sure fire way of giving your home the attention it deserves is to stage it. Whether you’re adding a lick of paint, repairing damages or simply removing all the clutter, you can bet your bottom dollar that potential buyers will be taking note!

Hopefully these little tips will show you how to sell your house, but if that’s not enough then why not let Pearson Ferrier help?

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