Perhaps not Bizarre, but these will certainly be things you may not have considered when trying to bump up the value of your home. Getting the right price for your property can be a result of taking just a few simple steps and alterations.

We take a look at some of the not so obvious factors to consider when trying to attract prospective buyers.

1. It’s all about the name

Well, not quite. But, it certainly has an impact. Research by Zoopla found ‘Warrens’ are the priciest when it comes to the street you live on, aptly followed by ‘Chase’.

Properties on roads with ‘Kings’ will also fetch a high price. However, if you can do without royalty for your home, try looking at ‘Street’ or ‘Court’ where you’re expected to find a greater dip in property prices.

2. Taste that!

For some prospective buyers, they would rather not when viewing your home. Bad taste and workmanship can potentially wipe 5-10% of your property value which you’ll want to bear in mind before overindulging in that funky wallpaper from the ‘70s.

Bad taste in wallpaper

3. Not so lucky

That’s certainly what most of us will be thinking if we land a property at number 13. Property owners at number 13 are likely to sell their home for approximately £5,000 less than neighbours.

Research has shown that people will avoid buying a property on the 13th day of the month also, and expect potential buyers to be twice as cautious on Friday the 13th!

Not so lucky

4. Cluttered bedrooms

Whilst this is normally because of the kids not putting their toys away, the grown-ups certainly play their part in the destruction of otherwise spacious rooms. If you think it doesn’t really make a difference, you’d be wrong. ING Direct report £8,000 can be sliced off the value of your property through a messy room.

cluttered bedrooms

5. Your furry friends

We may be nation of pet-lovers but bear in mind, not everyone is. Having a pet that doesn’t smell the best and/or is intimidating, can really put off prospective buyers.

Too many pets within the home can also be a real turn off for people visiting your home. In the eyes of prospective buyers, lots of pets can spell lots of improvements to the property, which can result in up to 5% knocked off the asking price.

your furry friends

6. Looking ‘good’ with Ofsted

The results of a nearby School can have a real impact on the value of your property. According to RICS, a bad OFSTED report can take £20,000 off the cost of the average property.

On the flip side, your property price can increase by £20,000 with a simple ‘Outstanding’ report from OFSTED.

Also, keep an eye on any development plans to nearby Schools as this could really help to upgrade local Schools from ‘Good’ to ‘Understanding’. For a property owner in the area, this spells good news as you can expect a surge in property value.


(via Gov uk)

7. Give your home ‘Kerb Appeal’

This is essentially about making the front of your house look nice. A pleasant looking garden will help to add pounds to the asking price so take the time out to get rid of them thorny weeds!

positively adding value to your property

8. A sinister history

Potential buyers will certainly recall the ‘feel’ they had when viewing your property to determine whether to purchase or not. If there has been history of deaths, suicides and other mysterious happenings within the property, you may want to keep quiet about that, especially when showing prospective buyers around.

9. Location, location, location

As well as the neighbourhood, nearby shops will also have an effect on property value aka The Waitrose Effect

If for example you’ve got the choice of a few supermarkets within a few miles, assume it is a popular area, impacting positively on the value of your property.

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