A short guide to buying your first home

Written by Julian Ferrier


Some experts will try and convince you that buying your first home can be a “daunting” task – and they’d be right to do so.

Buying a home, particularly for the first time, isn’t easy. The decisions you make could prove to be costly – or beneficial – depending on how organised you are, so the smart thing to do is take your time and plan out your move.

If you’re thinking about taking your first steps on that fabled property ladder, then take a closer look at our property buying guide below and see how we can help.

Pearson Ferrier’s guide to buying your first home

1. Decide if buying a home is the right move for you

Honestly, one of the first mistakes people make is rushing into buying a home. Sometimes it’s actually better to wait for the situation to present itself, but if you have made up your mind then consider some of the following:

  • Can you afford to live there?
  • Have you factored in bills and other expenses?
  • Are there enough rooms if you wanted to start a family in the future?


2. Decide on a budget

People underestimate how much it costs to buy a house. As a general rule, you should start saving at least 5% to 20% of the cost of the property (so if you’re looking at a house costing £150,000 you need to save at least £7,500.)

Tip: The more money you save for a deposit, the easier the payments for your mortgage will be.


3. Sort your finances out

We’re not just talking about preparing for your mortgage either. There’s a lot of work and money that goes into owning a home, so you need to budget accordingly and set up a plan for the year. You should consider:

  • The price of your mortgage
  • Any bills
  • Typical expenses (such as food, and other day-to-day costs)


4. Choose where you want to live

Location is a big deal, so make sure you’re happy before settling. We have plenty of property locations to choose from across the UK, so browse through and pick your favourite.


5. Arrange a mortgage

Once you’re happy with your finances and have selected a home, you then need to arrange a mortgage. We have all the latest technology at our deposit, so arrange a meeting with us and we’ll help you get your dream home.

Following these steps you then need to go through the process of swapping contracts, arranging a deposit and completing the sale. For any more help get in touch with one of our experts and we’ll sort out the rest.

Can Pearson Ferrier help me buy a home?

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At Pearson Ferrier we ensure that everyone gets a fair deal when buying a home. If you’re considering putting an offer on a house our experienced team can help give you all the advice you’ll need.

We have a fantastic selection of properties located all throughout the UK, including areas such as Bury, Ramsbottom, Ashton-under-Lyne and more.

If you’re looking for the best advice when buying a home, get in touch with us today on 0161 763 3666 and let us help you.

Do you know what your home’s worth?

We offer a free, no-obligation market appraisal, which will be followed up with a comprehensive property valuation report.