How to Choose the Right Estate Agent

Written by Mitchell

Putting your home on the market is a big decision to make, and once you’ve made that decision, you’ll want to have an excellent estate agent team behind you, who provide a 5-star service and remain committed to finding the right buyer, and selling your home for the right price. 

When there are a number of different estate agents in your area, deciding who to work with can be tricky. Here are our top tips for slimming down your search… 

They’re established 

Estate agents who are well established, with a long history of marketing properties, finding buyers, negotiating the right price and conducting sales are more likely to have the expertise it takes to sell your property quickly and for the price you’re looking to achieve. 

At Pearson Ferrier, we’ve been trusted by clients for over 25 years, and have the team and the talent to find the right buyer and secure your sale. 

They have a good presence and lots of knowledge about the area 

Having plenty of knowledge of the local area and property market is key to ensuring you receive the best price for your home. Not only this, but employing an estate agent who knows the area well could give your home a boost over others, as your estate agent will be able to share their knowledge about local attractions and amenities in order to market your home effectively. 

At Pearson Ferrier, many members of our sales team have grown up in and around the Greater Manchester area, and have gained years of experience in selling a wide variety of properties. As Bury’s number-one selling agent, there’s no better team to trust with putting your home on the market. 

They make positive first impressions 

A professional estate agent will be one who is able to make a positive first impression to both buyers and sellers. It’s important to remember that if they haven’t managed to win you over on the first encounter, the chances are they’ll have the same effect on potential buyers too. 

First impressions are made not only in person or over the phone, but at first point of contact, and for many, this occurs online via social media or the agency’s website. If your first impression upon engaging with their brand online is that it lacks professionalism or clarity, it’s likely that any potential buyers will think the same, which may ultimately lead them to avoid arranging a viewing, no matter how interested they are in your property. 

When it comes to selling your home, having a good relationship with your estate agent is important. It’s always a good idea to listen to your gut – if you don’t have full belief that they’ll be able to do a good job, or if you find them to be untrustworthy, then they’re probably not the right agent for you. 

At Pearson Ferrier, we remain committed to building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients, keeping the lines of communication open to ensure everyone remains on the same page at every stage of a sale, making the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

They come with an excellent reputation and are recommended by others 

As with most other professional services, whether or not a particular agent comes recommended is usually a good indication of what you might expect in working with them. 

Not only is Pearson Ferrier Bury’s number-one selling agent, but we’re also a feefo 5-star Gold Trusted Service, and we enjoy a glowing reputation across Greater Manchester and beyond for our work in helping people to buy, sell, and rent residential and commercial properties in the area. 

Can I sell my house without an estate agent? 

While selling your house without the help of an estate agent is possible, and may be cheaper or even free, it’s often much more time consuming and stress inducing to go it alone. 

Enlisting the help of property professionals who can handle each stage of the process on your behalf will not only help to shrink your to-do list and make the whole move much easier, but it will also ensure you are less vulnerable to losing money through poor negotiations. 

One of the key benefits of teaming up with an experienced estate agent is in the negotiation skills they bring to the table. Without the knowhow and expertise of an agent who has been selling property for several years, you run the risk of losing out on thousands of pounds in price negotiations, which will far outweigh the hundreds of pounds saved on estate agent fees. 

Ready to start selling? 

Looking for an experienced estate agent in Manchester? We’ve been your local property experts for over 25 years, and there’s no better agency in the area to place your trust in. 

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