house moving stories

Moving home can be one of the most painstakingly awkward events you can put yourself through, but after hearing these hilarious house moving stories you’ll be thankful you never had it this bad…

House moving stories from hell

When it comes to house moving stories, the internet is always a great place to find something juicy. Here are just a few we found online…

We parked in someone else’s driveway — big mistake.

“I have a good one from my sister. We helped her move to a relatively quiet, very residential block about 3 years ago. When we arrived, we couldn’t find a parking spot for unloading, so we put the car in a driveway with a “NO PARKING” sign directly across the street from my sister’s new door and my mom sat in it in case we needed to move.

“Maybe 20 minutes later, the owner of the driveway pulled up. A woman came out of the car screaming, nowhere near sympathetic. Something along the lines of, “this is why we have a sign, this is not your house, this is our driveway, you are so entitled.” I don’t really remember because she called my mom a horrible word and made her cry.

“Welcome to the neighborhood! We double parked to unload the rest of my sister’s stuff.” – via Huffington Post

We received an abusive note from a new neighbour

“My father parked the moving van by our building’s entrance. It wasn’t blocking anyone (it’s unassigned parking), it was in a legal spot and parked perfectly. After a day of moving, we all left to get dinner. When we came back, we found this…abusive…note on the windshield.

“We never found out who left it, why they had a problem with the truck or why their vote counts just as much as ours in an election. Dad reads the note and says: “Hm, people usually think I’m handsome.”  – via Huffington Post

I had to haul my stuff up eight flights

“When I was moving into my place in Florence, Italy, I had to haul heavy bags up eight flights of stairs to get to my apartment. Tuscan homes typically don’t have elevators, so needless to say it was a challenge making separate trips for each bag.”  – via RightMove

The carpet really tied the room together

“My friends bought a quaint old cottage in a remote Devon village. It needed completely modernising and they began by pulling up the tatty ancient stair carpet. Unfortunately the stairs then collapsed, having been held together by the carpet!”  via RightMove

How to avoid these common moving mistakes

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A list of helpful tips for moving house with a partner

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