According to The Guardian there is still some strength left in the housing market…

That is if you’re looking for a new ‘Dyson’, bed or a ‘Nutri-Bullett’, apparently a form of blender, before you raise too many eye brows…

There have been some cooler winds blowing in recent months, quite literally and metaphorically as we were blown into Autumn and winter looms, just around the corner.

Activity has cooled off a little, in the second half of the year, following the Mortgage Market Review. Which seems we have been told, is more akin to a Spanish Inquisition rather than a regular interview.

We know the rental market will remain strong for some time and the quality and flexibility it offers, does enable a great lifestyle for most people who consider renting as an option.

However, with potential interest rate rises on the horizon for 2015 and beyond, we are still seeing healthy levels of enquiries from first time buyers, who want to own their own homes. In turn this helps those people who are would be first time sellers to make the next move up the property ladder.

There have been a few shocks in recent weeks, Tesco amongst others and in terms of property, Foxtons in London issuing a profits warning.

If you’re looking to make the step into buying your first or second home, get in touch with Pearson Ferrier. We’ve seen a lot of peaks and troughs since the last recession of the early 90’s and if you’re interested, we’re in a position to offer you an informed and experienced bit of advice on your next move.

We always try to have a property for everyone, take a look and see for yourself…

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