pearson ferrier franchise 3 routes to success

With Pearson Ferrier Franchise, there are 3 routes to success and unlimited options when it comes to building your unique franchise package.

Franchising in the UK has seen a steady increase over the years  with a reported 620,000 people now becoming employed within the franchise sector. Alongside that, profitability levels for franchisees are at its highest levels since the 1990’s with a record 97% of franchises reporting profitability.

Besides generating lots of potential profits, what are some of the other benefits to becoming a franchisee?

  • Work with an established brand
  • Operate with a proven business concept and model and thereby reducing your risk of failure
  • Established operating policies, procedures and standards
  • Immediate momentum on opening through established brand equity of the franchise
  • Training and on-going support from the franchisor
  • Easier to obtain financial support from franchisor in comparison to banks and other lenders

Pearson Ferrier Franchise

At Pearson Ferrier, we believe that diversity is the key to success.

We understand that every local area is different: different people, different features and different lifestyles. This means that when it comes to creating a branch in any new area, we want to make sure that every unique feature is catered for to suit you and to suit us. Each one of our 3 routes to success can, and will, be moulded to fit your needs exactly to optimise your potential for success.

Discover more about our franchise model in the video below:

Our franchise packages:

Premium Agency Franchise                                                                                                            
  • From £29,950 + VAT
  • 10 year licence
  • Territory of 235,000 houses exclusive to you
  • Quick growth, accelerated earnings
  • Low set up cost
  • Full marketing support
Property Specialist Franchise
  • Price on Application
  • 5 year licence
  • Territory of 78,000 houses exclusive to you
  • Perfect for your work/life balance
  • Low set up cost
  • Full marketing support
Conversion Package
  • Price on Application
  • Advantageous unique package
  • Benefit from proven systems
  • Reinforce, re-brand and expand your existing business to maximise potential
  • National name for your local business
  • Full marketing support

Join our Partnership

We think of our Franchisees as partners and we use the same principles of honesty, transparency and ethics as we would in any partnership. Your success is our success so we will do everything possible to make your venture profitable and enjoyable.

Contact us today to discover more about becoming a franchise partner with Pearson Ferrier on 0333 207 0799. Visit our website: to see what our existing franchisees have to say about being a part of Pearson Ferrier.

Check out the pictures from our recent branch opening at Pearson Ferrier Middleton!