It may be home for rock band Oasis and the infamous cobbles of Coronation Street, but what makes this famous city from the North, the ideal place to purchase your property?

Featuring much in the headlines recently for its development and booming economy, Manchester provides plenty of reasons to be optimistic about settling down in the cultural hotspot of Britain.

‘Northern Powerhouse’

Much has been said lately about the developments to the northern transport system with Manchester being a key focus.

With improved inter-city links to the city, we are likely to see a greater number of southern businesses trade within the region. More businesses will mean more jobs, and more demand for property within the city (residential and commercial).

So, if you’re looking to sell, you’ll never be short of interest!

northern powerhouse

Major foreign investment

The interest from overseas continues to pour into the rainy city with a string of investments. The UK-China relations have never been stronger and many commercial deals have been agreed, the ‘China Cluster’, is just one project which will see millions being injected into the city.

Online Giant, Amazon are also on their way to opening an enormous new warehouse due to open later this year, creating 1,000 jobs.

With many businesses wanting to set up shop in Manchester, you can expect to see a surge in demand for Manchester properties.


Digital technology boom

Manchester’s digital talent is fast making a name for its self, attracting interest from around the UK, wanting to be part of ‘Digital Manchester’.

The last couple of years has seen the digital sector flourish within Manchester with many digital brands looking to expand their presence within the city. Recent figures show Manchester’s tech scene has a £2.2bn output and the city was ranked as “the number one destination in Europe for the cost of doing business” – via Manchester Digital.

BBC’s shift to Media City

With the recent arrival of the British Broadcasting Corporation to Manchester, the UK economy has enjoyed an influx of £277 million a year.

Creating thousands of job opportunities for locals and with thousands planned in the coming years, numerous firms have looked to set up within the city. A demand to be part of the place where the action is, will see a bigger demand on, you guessed it, properties in the Manchester area.

media city bbc

Construction growth

According to recent statistics, courtesy of Deloitte, Construction is well and truly on the rise in Manchester. An increase of 40% in Construction from last year gives strong reason to believe Manchester is going to see a strong economic position in the coming years.

More than a dozen skyscrapers are planned in the ‘Skyscraper City’ with major regeneration taking place throughout, as Manchester develops a growing reputation as an international travel destination – making locals in Manchester a favourable place to be in!


Two of Europe’s biggest football clubs

Whether you’re a red or blue (or neither), there’s no denying the financial muscle at Manchester’s Premier League clubs.

Attracting some of the very best around the world to contribute to the success of their respective clubs, you can be sure there will be no shortage of followers looking to catch a glimpse of their star players in Manchester.

A global sport that has captured the hearts of millions around the world, can see many (and has seen), make Manchester their new home.

There really hasn’t been a better time to invest in this vibrant City from the North. With a number of branches based within Manchester and years of industry knowledge, Pearson Ferrier are ideally placed to get you the return on your investment you’re looking for.

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