You don’t need half naked girls and Hollywood Blockbuster budgets to sell your property- it’s all about being savvy at this time of year while your neighbours are stuffing their faces with mince pies.

If we’ve still got your attention then chances are we need to speak to you. Christmas is nearly upon us and we’re submerged in more Black Friday offerings than you can throw a stick at, we’re guessing putting your house on the market is the last thing on your mind right now…

Well maybe it shouldn’t be. If you are thinking about a move in 2016 why not use that well-earned time away from your desk to make some plans now, so you can well and truly enjoy Christmas with peace of mind that you’re well prepared for the year ahead.

Not wanting to bore you but here are the cold hard facts! With the ability to carefully study our online activity, on a daily basis we can track the trends that occur during the course of the year. Most stats may not surprise you, such as slow downs during holiday periods, the busiest day of the week being a Monday and the quietest day of the year Christmas Day.

However, what happens when the partying comes to an end and we wind up the close of another year? We go online, and we hit the property sites with a passion. Looking back over the last five years, activity in January and February is usually at an all-time high for the year. Yes, gardens look great in spring when the blossom returns and the temperatures start to rise, but by this stage, there are lots of other properties coming to the market as winter thaws out and more and more people come out of their property hibernation to start thinking about making a move.

Look at the latest industry figures; the end of this year has seen a shortage of property available for sale and a steady level of demand.

We can’t promise SWAT teams and helicopters, but we can promise top quality presentation and marketing. If you’re thinking of moving next year, perhaps do it earlier than you thought and get ahead of the competition. Before all those decorations adorn your property and you can’t move for tinsel, call us with the details we need to get you ready for January 2nd and hopefully what will be an onslaught of activity.

Contact your nearest Pearson Ferrier branch and we’ll assist you in taking the next step to making that move in the New Year- (Please note this will not include a Hollywood budget production of your property- just years of experience).