Pearson Ferrier in Rochdale

We were recently speaking with Azar who is the Branch Manager for Pearson Ferrier Rochdale. The Rochdale branch are prominently placed in the historic town and have plenty of properties to tempt anyone.

How long have you been open?
We first opened in October 2014.

What is the best thing about Rochdale?
The history. There’s such a lot around here. Rochdale used to have the widest bridge in Europe and Hitler wanted the Town Hall.

What makes you smile?

What are you having for lunch?
I don’t do lunch. I work straight through.

Are you planning a holiday this year?
No we’re much too busy for holidays!

Describe your dream property.
Mayfair, 5 rooms. I’m quite traditional and I used to live in the area.

Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
I like English weather.

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?
I was always interested in property. There are enough solicitors in my family!

Is there a question I should have asked?
No, no. I like conversation to flow naturally.

What is the best gift you ever gave?
A bit of humanity. I sponsored a child from birth giving education and a proper standard of living.

To speak to Azar about buying, letting or selling a property in Rochdale, give him a call on 01706 671 434.

Or send him an email at