It’s clean but looking a bit past its best.

The bathroom is a high-impact room. This means that your viewers will value the quality of your bathroom more highly than other rooms. Apart from giving all your surfaces a good clean what else can you do to make sure your bathroom stands apart for all the right reasons?


A new loo seat
This is a fairly cheap way to make your bathroom look new. Resist the urge to get the clear plastic one with barbed wire inside. Go for something simple in wood or white. When showing the house, make sure the loo seat is down.

Launder your towels
If your towels are on show, or in a cupboard that is likely to be opened by a potential buyer, make sure they are clean and fresh. Fold or roll clean towels for best presentation. Remove any used towels from the radiator. When in doubt, buy new towels.

Add a pot plant
The bathroom is a space of calm, relaxation and cleansing. A healthy potted plant makes the room feel fresher and more natural. Try using a small spider plant or a cactus on a windowsill if your bathroom is small. In a larger bathroom a rubber plant might make the difference.


Use accessories with shiny, mirrored surfaces to create the impression of light and space. There are plenty of bathroom accessories to choose from but prioritise mirrors, matching soap dispensers and toothbrush holders for practical use. You might also like to add an air freshener such as a reed diffuser for an appealing scent.

You have worked through the previous four tips but still the blackened grout catches your eye. It’s time to re-grout. How long this takes depends on the area of tiles in need of re-grouting but the effects are well worth the effort. There are lots of tutorials online that show you in detail what to do, and there are tools you can buy that speed up the process should you wish.

These five tips are all you need for your bathroom to look and smell appealing to everyone.