real estate agent photos

We’ve all been there haven’t we? You’re browsing through real estate agent photos on the internet, looking for a new place to call your home, and then you notice it…

There’s a horse in the dining room.

No, that’s not a euphemism. There’s genuinely a horse in the dining room and you have no idea why. You sit back in your chair and scratch your head, mouthing some obscenities as to what on Earth you have just witnessed. It makes no sense.

For what reason could they have possibly thought putting a 6ft, 1000lb thoroughbred in a room where you plan on eating was a good idea?

This isn’t the first time letting agents have done this though…

Once you’ve browsed through enough real estate photos, you’ll soon come to the realisation that people will do absolutely ANYTHING to try and sell their home. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t…

1. We weren’t kidding about that horse…


2. Tradition usually dictates that the crowd give a standing ovation…


3. Bill was never one to shy away from a bragging match with his neighbours


4. Could you not do that here please, the smell of onions is really off putting


5. That new Paranormal Activity film looks great… said no one, ever


6. Fred knew those blast doors would come in handy. He couldn’t risk it after the last takeaway incident…


7. We’ll set up base-camp here and make our way through the jungle tomorrow


8. Alfie can do other tricks too, but he gets shy in front of a crowd


Selling your home doesn’t have to be as hard as these photos make it. All you need is a little care and attention and you’ll be off the market in no time!

Just remember to be considerate with potential buyers and choose a photo that doesn’t make you look like the world’s worst homeowner…

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All images via Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos