It seems wherever we are, there is talk on doing things in a more energy efficient manner with energy saving tips, from the transport we use to the photocopier in the office (and not forgetting the ‘White Goat’ – converting office paper to toilet paper!) as well as how to create an eco friendly home.

So there really are a variety of products out there to help you become more green and in turn, saving you some money. Does this apply to my property also I hear you ask? Absolutely!

Have a look at some of these energy saving gadgets out there to give yourself an eco friendly home…

1. Bag yourself a ‘Green Warrior Shower’ Curtain

This innovative eco-friendly spiky shower takes no prisoners. Designer Elizabeth Buecher was racking her brains to reduce the excessive water consumption taken from showers and soon discovered her shower curtain turning spiky after 4 minutes. If this doesn’t discourage you from taking long showers, then we don’t know what will!

Green Warrior Shower Curtain

(via Metro)

Or if you don’t fancy your chances against the ‘green warrior’, you can grab yourself a Shower Timer which many utility companies will offer for free.

2. Energy meters

These tiny monitors are packed with useful information as you will be able to find out which appliances in the home are hurting your bank account the most.

A very handy monitor indeed, allowing you to keep track of your progress and where you make the most savings in energy and bills.

Energy meter - helping you to create an energy saving home

3. Eco Flap

To keep heating bills down, you’ll want to make sure you keep the cold air out and this super Eco Flap does just that. According to uSwitch, as much as 30% of heat lost within the home is due to draughts coming in.

Beautifully designed, Eco Flap blows itself shut and protects a draught from emerging with high winds. But, with a slight difference in balanced forces, the inventive flap will open with just a single sheet of paper.

eco friendly home

(via Ecostore)

4. LED Light Bulbs

From the many energy saving light bulbs available, LED offer the brightest light, using only a fraction of the energy of traditional light bulbs. Whilst it may not be the cheapest energy saving bulb on the market, you can expect to quickly reduce your energy consumption and energy bills, with hundreds of pounds expected to be saved each year.

LED light bulb

5. Radiator Booster

Not one of the most common appliances considered when thinking about energy saving in the home, but this white tube sitting on top of your radiator can save you over £100 a year.

The heat saving product works by actively drawing heat trapped behind the radiator (after the radiator reaches 30C) and distributing it throughout the room, heating the room at a much faster rate.

a radiator booster is a fantastic energy saving tip

(via Amazon)

6. Insulation

If you don’t already have this, this is a must for heat insulation within the home. Coming reasonably priced to install (free if you qualify under the Eco Scheme), you can expect to be saving yourself well over £100 a year.  An effective way of giving your property a good look on the EPC.

7. Double Glazing Windows

Having energy efficient windows, you can expect to cut your household bills by around £100 a year. But, as well as releasing the strain on your budget, double glazing windows will do the job for extra security to your windows and giving you that added peace and quiet.

double glazing windows is a must for an energy saving home

8. Freeloader

This solar charger innovatively charges your gadget, phones and laptops using the sun’s rays rather than your home’s electricity.  What’s also good about it is the arrival of its own rechargeable battery so it doesn’t have to be sunny the very moment you need that boost of juice!


(via Running Monkey)

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