6 top tips on how to maintain a beautiful house with children

You may have thought that having children will mean losing the look of your beautiful décor and having the house surrounded by toys. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are numerous neat tricks you can implement to maintain a beautiful house with children.

Keeping a house clean and looking its best is no easy task with little one’s beside you (or pets), and, there can be added tension if you’re looking to attract potential buyers to your home. So, we’ve come up with these 6 practical steps you can take to get the look for your home without tearing your hair out!

1. Think storage boxes

Try to create a “home” for everything making use of boxes or trays to keep things organised. This can be for the smallest things such as a basket for plush toys, instruments, lego and so on. Although easier said than done, this can effectively work to de-clutter within the home and make for a spacious property.

think storage boxes to maintain a beautiful home

2. Create a designated play area

If you’ve got kids wanting to draw on wallpaper and make a mess just about everywhere in the house, which is most kids, keep an area within the home in which you won’t overly panic about having a mess created. Ideally, this will be far away from valuables and recent renovation done to the property. Kids will be kids, so expect some things to be out of place at home. But, once they’ve finished playing, simply ask them to tidy up and hopefully you’ll have the place looking just like it was.

kids play area - to maintain a beautiful home

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3. Clean as you go

Maintaining your beautiful house with children will definitely be helped by regular clear ups, whether by you or the children. This will help to prevent a build of mess and save time in the clear up process.

keep calm and clean as you go

(via Keep Calm-o-Matic)

4. Keep valuable objects out of reach

Whilst it’s ideal to keep all of your items out the reach of children, this may not be possible. So, you should consider keeping your less valuable objects on lower shelves, those which are replaceable, with the more valuable items higher up, as shown below.

Home accessories and attractive décor all play a part in creating the right impression for visitors, so this can be vital to maintain especially if your property is up for sale.

keep valuable items out of childrens reach to prevent them destroying the house

 (via Pinterest)

 5. Invest in durable furniture

This really can be anything in the house, from sofa’s to laminate floors. Leather and Microfiber are your best options when looking for durable sofa’s. Dirt, stains and spills are strongly resisted by Leather in particular, with a quick wipe helping to keep it looking new again.

leather sofa - a durable piece of furniture

 6. Make use of patterns
With the use of patterns on pillows and wallpaper and other objects in the home, hiding any scratches or pen marks becomes much easier. A useful bit of advice also is to add covers to furniture such as pillow covers. In the case of any damage to them, they can easily be washed and re-used – and saving you lots on replacing valuable items.

patterns on pillows

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