5 top tips to make your garden appeal to potential buyers

You aren’t a gardener but need an outside space that appeals to potential buyers.

Selling a property is not just about the inside spaces. Potential buyers are also looking for an attractive garden that won’t require too much initial work on their part. This doesn’t mean any serious landscaping or even a big investment. With a few simple tricks you can make a space that appeals to everyone.

Care for the lawn

Grass is often the largest area in a garden so it needs to look good. Try to cut the lawn regularly throughout the growing season so that it is neither a meadow nor a bald patch of soil. Pets should not be allowed to wee on the lawn as this may make the grass patchy. You can neaten the edges of the lawn using a half moon edging tool.


Pull out weeds by grasping them at the stem closest to the soil. This is easiest just after rainfall when the soil is damp. With bigger weeds, dig around the root ball, grasp it firmly, then pull out the weed using a twisting motion to gather all the roots together. If your weeds are seeding, then handle them carefully to avoided them spreading.

Maximise space and light

Tall trees and shrubs can block light and take over your garden making it look small and dark. The light in your garden also affects how much light there is in your house, so by cutting down trees or selectively removing branches, that dark room might suddenly become bright and airy. Keep hedges trimmed and neatly shaped.

keep garden neat

Keep pathways and patios clear and clean

When potential buyers view your garden they are looking at the lifestyle your outside space can provide. A patio filled with junk does not a BBQ party make, so clear the area and make sure the surface isn’t slippery. Powerwashing could be a good idea to avoid any potential for accidents. Clear away any plants that lean over your path or tie them back.

Plant flowers to add colour

After clearing your garden of unwanted weeds and branches, you should add a little colour to the empty spaces left. Bare soil is the enemy and makes your garden look sad and unkempt. Adding a few flowers into the borders will bring colour and life to your garden. Pansies, marigolds and busy lizzies are all easy to find at your local garden centre, already flowering and ready to go, just pop them in the soil, water them in and the job’s done.

flowers in the garden

You don’t need to fork out for a professional gardener to landscape your outside space, these five tips will make sure you are on the way to selling your house.

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