Where ‘Tradition meets Contemporary’… We’ve been around for over 25 years, but just because we’ve been around so long that in itself is not a reason to use us. So why use Pearson Ferrier then?

Usually when a business has been around as long as we have, it’s as a result of the loyalty and trust built up between us and our customers.


Pearson Ferrier Ramsbottom TeamWhat does this mean, doing the same things all the time? Possibly, but whilst we do certain things the same way we always have, such as putting our customers first, we make small changes all the time, to keep up to date with the technological advances available to us and listening to what our customers want.


The statistics show, we have the best ratio for houses coming to the market and being sold in the shortest time frame. This doesn’t mean we rush to sell your house or alternatively, over or under price to get your business. We work on one of the best and lengthiest comparable sales databases around, our own, to work out what we feel is the best price likely to be achieved for your property.

Once you’ve agreed a sale, this is when a lot, if not most of the hard work actually begins. You will find at this point, as the stress inevitably begins to build, is when you need us most. You can walk down the street and call in and see us. I always find looking someone in the eye is a great way to do business, get a straight answer and promptly resolve any issues and where a call centre with an anonymous faceless point of contact is what you get if you’re trying to save money.

Why use Pearson Ferrier?

Incidentally, the stats are out there, a local agent will usually sell your house for 5% more than an online agent, to put this into perspective a cost to you of £5000 on a sale agreed at £100,000, let that sink in…..

Why Use Pearson Ferrier?

We firmly believe in steady, reliable and honest values, but we are able to adapt and survive and offer the best value service you are looking for when selling your home.