As we head ever closer to 2021, with forecasts for snow rolling in more and more frequently, now might be the perfect time to start considering some of the handy, preventative, winter-proofing measures you can take around the house to avoid any unnecessary issues over winter.

Whilst you may wish to put off booking in time with the tradesmen until the new year, there are a number of economical DIY solutions you might wish to carry out yourself to help keep the heat in, and the cold out.

Our Home Winter-Proofing Checklist

Check your outside taps
Are they lagged, or protected from any cold snaps and frost?

See to the boiler
When was the last time you had your boiler serviced? At this time of the year, it’s going to be used far more regularly, so now will be the time to ensure those parts are kept in the best possible condition.

Prevent draughts from closed doors and windows
Head outside and take a good look at your doors and windows. If you can see a slither of light around a closed door, that’s a signal of the escape route for the warm air in your home. To help keep your heating costs down, try closing those gaps up with draught-excluding tape, which can be fitted to the frames around all doors and windows.

Review the loft
Heat rises, and it’s an unfortunate fact of life that a lot of the heat we pump into our homes manages to escape through the roof. That’s why it’s important, particularly at this time of year, to double-check your loft is adequately insulated.

A good way to tell – nip outside on a frosty day and look up at your roof. If the frost or snow is melted, it’s a good indication that there may be a lot of warm air escaping through the roof, so it might be time to start thinking about upgrading your loft insulation.

Get to work on the radiators
If you have radiators on external walls, it’s a good idea to line them with aluminium foil, as this will help to reflect the heat back into the room, instead of letting it escape through the wall.

You might also consider:

  • Making sure they are bled regularly
  • Putting a shelf above them to direct the heat into the room instead of up towards the ceiling
  • Moving some furniture around to ensure there aren’t any large pieces of furniture sat in front of the radiators

New year, new home?

Thinking of moving house in 2021? Now could be the best time to start booking in dates in next year’s diary for your trusted tradesperson to pay a visit and carry out those post-winter essentials to help you spruce up your home. Whether it be painting the exterior, fixing your gutters, or working on the garden, any improvements are sure to boost your kerb appeal and could even help your home sell more quickly, so they’re definitely worth doing.

Remember that good tradespeople tend to have their time booked up well in advance, so you should try to book your slot as soon as you can.

For more tips and advice on how to improve your chances of selling, or if you’re looking for a reliable estate agent to manage the sale of your property in the new year, please don’t hesitate to contact our offices, where a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.