They say that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Whether you’re looking to buy or planning on selling your property, our team is here to ensure the whole process goes smoothly.

At Pearson Ferrier, we’re passionate about property, and we’re always keen to see our clients’ houses sell. During the viewing process, we encourage feedback from potential buyers and always reach out for any constructive criticism should a viewing be conducted and an offer not be made. This way, our clients can continue to make minor improvements to their property, increasing its appeal and speeding up the sales process.

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Top tips for buyers when searching for a new property

As a buyer, the best way to improve your experience of house-hunting is all in the preparation prior to viewing.

Do your research
Before you make a booking to view a property, try to have a look at and assess all of the information about the property that is available. Usually, buyers are able to gauge whether or not the property will be the right fit for them by reviewing the materials available online. This can help to save time in the long-run, as it should reduce the risk of you showing up for dozens of viewings on properties that just aren’t right for you.

Whilst pictures can be helpful, reviewing the floor plan for the property also offers a great indicator of the size and layout, and potential for expansion/rearrangement, that a property offers.

Get interactive
In this digital age, a lot of information can be gathered online. Once you’ve come across a property that’s caught your eye, it’s a good idea to have a quick look at the area it’s in using an online map, as this can guide you to potential search areas for your new home.

For example, if you want to avoid areas with busy traffic and main roads, you’ll be able to see which streets to look out for, or if you’re looking to live within walking distance to the local town centre, you’ll be able to calculate your journey and adjust your property search accordingly. Using street view will also help you to get a sense of what is close by, including schools, shops, and bus stops.

Be honest
It’s always really helpful for us to hear your thoughts on any properties you’ve seen, so if we do get in touch to ask for your comments, please share them! This not only helps us to improve our own services in terms of narrowing down the search, but it can also provide us with fresh insight into a property, and we can then pass that on to the vendors so that they can make improvements around the house to help with speeding up the sale.

Top tips for vendors when selling a property

As a seller, your main role comes in presenting the best first impression.

Be considerate and concise
As exciting as it is to have someone request to view your property, it’s important not to be too over enthusiastic when showing them around. The house-hunting process can be stressful, particularly in light of current restrictions and pressures, and everyone adapts differently – being overly excited when hosting your potential buyers might be overwhelming for some!

Most viewers form a fairly strong idea of whether the house is right for them or not within the first couple of minutes, so it’s best not to spend a long time giving them a tour of the property and telling them all about your time there.

It’s important to remember that everyone has their own taste, and it’s very likely that any potential buyer will see different potential in your property. Each viewer will have their own ideas on how they would put their stamp on the space, so you should try to hold back on offering advice and tips about how the house works for you – they may want to use it in a completely different way.

Give them free reign
Although most property programmes on television will show vendors or estate agents offering in-depth tours of a house, contrary to popular belief this is not the best course of action.

Whilst doing all you can to make viewers feel comfortable, often the best thing to do is to let them take a look around uninterrupted. Maintaining constant conversation can be distracting, and they may not retain information about what they’ve seen. If they remember your house, there’s a stronger chance that they may want to return for a second viewing.

If you feel more comfortable walking around the property alongside your viewers, try to lead from behind. Walking ahead of someone will mean that the first impression they’re given of the rooms in your house will be from the perspective over your shoulder, and this can offer a negative impression of the size of the space. It’s always better to let the viewer have a good wander around at their own leisure, as they’re more likely to take in the space the property offers, whilst also having the opportunity to review how they might be able to adapt the space to their own needs.

Don’t get disheartened
Selling your property can be tough, particularly if it has been your home for a long time and you have some emotional attachment to it. Try not to place too much hope into each viewing – whilst your home may hold many fond memories for you, it will not be suited to everyone’s tastes and needs, so it’s important not to feel disheartened if an offer isn’t made right away.

Conducting viewings during the pandemic
Whilst property viewings can still go ahead, it is advised that everyone present at a viewing wears a face covering, and seeks to maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from one another at all times.

Vendors are advised to leave all internal doors open so as to reduce the need for viewers to make direct contact with door handles, and to sanitise all surfaces prior to and after the viewing.

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Those viewing the property should also sanitise their hands before entering and upon leaving the property.

Why choose Pearson Ferrier?

With decades of experience in the property market, the Pearson Ferrier team have successfully sold hundreds of properties across the northwest.

We’re committed to delivering an exceptional level of service, and we continue to take a great deal of pride in our proven track record and friendly, professional approach.

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