Problem Solved: Pesky Pets

Written by Julian Ferrier

For every cat or dog lover, there is someone who is allergic or phobic of pets.

Though you may have successfully eliminated all pet-phobes from your group of friends, or more diplomatically agreed to meet up outside your pet-filled palace, when you are selling your property you must be prepared to welcome all potential buyers.

Here are a few things you can do to create a pet-free environment that will appeal to everyone.


Pesky Pets

It is important that you clean your house thoroughly to remove as much pet hair as possible. Wipe down surfaces and hoover, remembering easy to forget spaces underneath beds and behind sofas. Pet food only smells delicious to pets so take up any food you have put down and clean the area so that you wouldn’t guess that Tiddles spilt biscuits everywhere earlier. Remove the litter tray, if you have one, and air the room, if you don’t then check the garden for any unwanted surprises.

Hoover Soft Furnishings
Cats are the main problem here because they tend to shed their fine fur in clouds. Use the nozzle on the hoover to clean down the sides and underneath your sofa cushions to get rid of fur trapped there. You might also want to give the cushion covers a quick hand wash if you have a particularly fluffy cat.

Take the dog for a walk
Make your dog’s day and take him for a walk during the house viewing. Try to leave a few minutes before your potential buyer arrives and return when you are sure they are gone. Cats are less impressed with going for walks so leave them with a neighbour instead.

Provide tissues and hand sanitiser
Even after all this effort, someone who is extremely allergic may still need tissues and hand sanitiser to limit the effects of their allergies. Open windows an hour or so before the viewing to let in fresh air and then close them again before it gets too cold.


With these simple tips your home should be welcoming to everyone.

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