Meet Martin Hunt from Pearson Ferrier, Gloucester

Written by Julian Ferrier


Martin Hunt

Martin is the Branch Manager for Pearson Ferrier Gloucester. With such a wide area, the team in Gloucester are confident that they can find a property for everyone.

Tell me about Gloucester
Gloucester is really up and coming. There are lots of new investments coming in and the area is being regenerated. Now there are bars and restaurants popping up everywhere!

What is your favourite word?

What makes you feel happy?
A satisfied customer.

Describe your dream property.
Semi-rural with a long drive. For some reason, I’ve always wanted a fancy entrance to the driveway, I don’t know why… I’d also like out buildings and a big garden for the dogs to run around in.

What’s your motto?
Don’t put it off until tomorrow if you can do it today.

What makes your day?
Going home to my smiling kids after a long day at work.

Which animal would you be?
A lion. You have to pick a predator don’t you?

Sweet or savoury?

Do you have a bucket list?
I have ambitions and plans for the future but I don’t check them off a list. I don’t want to wait!

It’s karaoake! What are you going to sing?
I love Johnny Cash so… yeah, it’ll have to be one of his!


To speak to Martin about buying, letting or selling a property in Gloucester, give him a call on 01452 452 007.

Or send him an email at


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