Andrew Harrison, Pearson Ferrier Bath

Andrew Harrison is the Branch Manager for Pearson Ferrier Bath. With such a wide area, the team in Bath are confident that they can find a property for everyone.

Which flavour of ice-cream would you be?
Mmm… mint choc-chip.

Winter or Summer?
Winter. I really like snow.

Which genre of music do you like?
I have a pretty varied taste in music.

What’s the best thing about Bath?
Me! [he laughs]. The city is really beautiful and has really kept it’s character. It’s hard to describe, you should come and visit!

What did you last go and see at the cinema?
Batman vs Superman the day after it was released.

Your house is on fire! What do you save?
Hmm… I’d have to say my iPad pro.

What was your first job?
I worked in the mail room of an insurance company – it was a good crack. Nice and easy.

Which traits do you value in your colleagues?
Honesty, integrity and the ability to grow. Determination is important.

There’s a zombie disaster – where do you go?
I’d go to my folk’s house. They have clean running water and a lane that they could close off. The house is surrounded by a walled garden and, obviously, zombies can’t jump so we’d be okay to grow food out there. We’d be safe there.

Who would you like to thank?
I always try to thank people for the things they do, my parents especially. Sophie [his colleague at Pearson Ferrier] has been great to work with so I’d like to thank her for that. Thanks to my close mates too – they know who they are – for being there for me even though we don’t see each other as often as we’d like.

To speak to Andrew about buying, letting or selling a property in Bath, give him a call on 01225 375 007.

Or send him an email at