7 essential DIY tips and tricks every homeowner should know

Written by Julian Ferrier


common diy disasters

Owning your own home isn’t without its drawbacks.

If you’re not spending half of your income on paying bills, you’re probably using the rest of it trying to fix those pesky DIY disasters that seem to keep popping up.

Fortunately, the talented team here at Pearson Ferrier decided to put our heads together and come up with a list of helpful DIY tips and tricks.

To help find the best solutions, we ran a little competition with a chance to win £20’s worth of B&Q gift vouchers. All you needed to do was like our Facebook page and comment with your horror stories.

We asked you to tell us about some of your biggest DIY disasters over on our Facebook page and you didn’t disappoint!

Here are some of your worst DIY disasters… 


“Wiring in a new burglar alarm when my Hubby knocked a nail through a water pipe – it happened over a Bank Holiday weekend so rather than pay extortionate plumbers fees we turned off the water and moved into my parents house – and called a plumber when everything was back to normal!”


“First married and brand new to this fit thing I glossed the lounge walls I didn’t know there were different paints!!”

Louise – WINNER

“I tried to build my daughters cot whilst my fiance was at work to kinda prove the “women can do anything a man can!” Theory! Well most women probably can, except me ? I built the bloomin thing pretty much upside down and inside out! Safe to say I don’t go near anymore flat pack furniture! ?”


“Painting the ceiling with gloss by mistake . I’d done half before I realised . It was such hard work . Even after 3 coats of mart paint it always showed through . I was glad when I moved it annoyed me but I was too lazy to give it yet another coat.


“I tried to paint my front door, the trouble is I chose overt windy day. So much so the paint blew everywhere and my driveway got covered in paint splats. Suffice to say I’ve not done any further external decorating without checking the weather beforehand.”

Julia – WINNER

“We had a leak which kept on dripping outside our back door! My husband said that he would go and have a look in loft! Yes he did and lost his footing and both his feet went through the ceiling!! That was bad enough, but we was having the house valued the following day, so we had to make a temporary ceiling then painted it and then put my daughters wardrobe under it and put all her teddies on the top so the valuer wouldn’t see!! Men!!”

Avoid disasters with these useful DIY tips and tricks

There are two types of people in this world – those who spend their way out of their problems, and those who take the smarter route.

Home restoration can be an expensive deal, but thankfully we’ve got you covered…

1. Trompe L’oeil plain surfaces

diy tips and tricks

This style helps create the illusion of space, as well as adding some much-needed flavour to dull and uninspiring fixtures.

2. Prevent condensation


Condensation: the achilles heel of the homeowner, if you will. It can cause a number of unseen horrors to your home, but there’s plenty of tips that can help stop it before it starts including:

  • Don’t overfill cupboard spaces
  • Don’t push furniture right up against the walls
  • Install trickle vents in your windows

*if the situation gets worse however, then we recommend that the best course of action is to seek out a professional.

3. A wine rack can make a great towel holder

diy tips and tricks

It can also make a great wine rack too.

4. Use old door knobs as towel racks

diy tips and tricks

If you’ve been paying close attention to our hipster hacks blog, you’ll know just how simple it is to turn an unwanted item into something useful! And why stop at towels? You can hang all sorts of stuff on them… like your dreams and ambitions.

5. Hide your wifi router

diy tips and tricks
Image via Buzzfeed

You’d be amazed at how something so simple can make such a big difference. Hiding away all the clutter of the day will not only make your home cleaner, but it will also help you if you decide to sell-up one day.

6. Use ice cubes to remove indentations from your carpet

diy tips and tricks

Don’t you just hate it when you move the furniture around and there’s a dent left on the carpet. It’s not what you want at all. Well instead of pulling your hair out and buying a new one, just place ice cubes on the damaged area and watch the dents (and the ice) magically disappear!

7. Fix creaky floorboards

diy tips and tricks

Creaky floors are an absolute pain, but fortunately there’s a way to stop this – wood screws! Pick up a few from your local DIY store and get to work. Before long you’ll have floors quieter than the library…

Find a permanent solution with Pearson Ferrier

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